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Caraïbos, the solution for everyone when it comes to cocktails!

Caraïbos introduces its partners.

The French Association of Bartenders (Association des Barmen de France) -ABF

ABF is a member of the International Bartenders Association and is the only official bartender association in France.

It brings together experienced bartenders who come mostly from a catering school background and whose work respects the ethics advocated by this training. It also maintains close ties with brands of spirits, soft drinks and other bar products and has chosen Caraïbos as a fruit juices partner for its events, notably the Bar and Bartener Trade Show.

Logo de l'Association des barmen de France

The International Bartenders Association (IBA)

The International Bartenders Association was established in 1951 and is the official international association representing the profession.
The goal of the IBA is to promote the bartendering worldwide by facilitating the exchange of ideas, organising international competitions and by establishing a specific code for the profession. Caraïbos is an exclusive partner of the IBA and particularly for the World Cocktail Championships which it has partnered since 2007.

International Bartenders Association (IBA)

The Bar Academy Partnerships

The Bar Academy is a training school specialising in the unique European flair..
Situated on the edge of Paris, it receives several hundred students each year from France and abroad. Its set-up is entirely geared to the practice and training of flair. The Bar Academy tutors are among the best flair bartenders on the world scene and recognise the quality of Caraïbos fruit juices.

The catering schools

In September 2011, Caraïbos set up the 1st Fruit Juices course for bartender training in catering schools.

This initiative has once again experienced great success this year with 37 member establishments, 44 professors and 538 students having followed the training. And so the adventure continues which is the real measure of success for the brand!

Ecoles hôtelières


The French Association of Catering and Tourism Training Schools (Association Française des Lycées d’Hôtelleries et de Tourisme).

Created in September 1993, Aflyht, together with its 230 members, represents nearly 95% of hotel management and catering students and almost 80% of students (over 45,000 students).
Caraïbos belongs to this exclusive circle of AFLYHT partners by adhering to its partnership charter.


The Association of Bartender Professors (APEB)

The A.P.E.B. was officially established in 2002 and is a key player in the training sector.

It offers genuine exchanges of experience as well as support and ideas and brings together the different stakeholders of the bartendering profession. Its principle objective is to unite the action of its members to provide quality education, recognised by the profession.
It also tries to promote the bartending profession by participating in the creation of the M.O.F. Barman in partnership with the French Association of Bartenders (A.B.F.).

Association des professeurs enseignant en Bar (APEB)

L'Atelier des chefs

Workshops, boutiques, on-line culinary platform to learn to cook: the Atelier des Chefs gets the French people cooking again!

Present in numerous large cities, the Atelier des Chefs enables seasoned professionals to share all aspects of their experience and passion for cooking with students. These workshops, in partnership with Caraïbos, offer you a "Destination Cocktails" course to learn how to make cocktails to go with tapas.

L'Atelier des Chefs


The biggest retail chain of specialist wine merchants with a network of more than 500 shops across Europe.

It was in 1822, one year after the death of Napoleon the 1st that the very first NICOLAS shops specialising in wines and spirits opened their doors right in the centre of Paris. The idea of providing superior quality at reasonable prices would go on to make the name of the company.
Nicolas & Caraibos present to you their recipe cards to help you make original cocktails in 1 minute flat!