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CARAÏBOS, 35 years of experience and talent !

  • 1976

    Creation of the brand

    Caraïbos, a new company keen to share the most pleasant of what Caribbean island produce has to offer, sets out on an adventure entirely dedicated to the creation and distribution of exotic drinks based on fruit of selected origin.

  • 1980

    Caraïbos invents the nectar of fruit

    Caraïbos comes up with Fruit Nectar, pushing customary drinking habits aside with 4 astonishing and revolutionary flavours : Passion Fruit, Mango, Guava, Lime.

  • 1982

    Caraïbos rewarded

    The company wins an award for innovation and recognition in Europe for its Banana Nectar

  • 1983-1988


    Caraïbos diversifies production by offering traditional fruit juices : Pineapple, Grapefruit, Cherry, Apricot…

  • 1998

    Creation of alcohol-free cocktails

    Caraïbos develops exotic flavours and introduces ready-to-drink non-alcoholic cocktails. A genuine invitation to a journey of discovery in an exotic wonderland, these cocktails offer 4 flavours : Pina colada, Cocktail des Îles, Mojita, Manzano.

  • 2003

    Of the liter in 25 cl

    Caraïbos breaks new ground in the food & drink sector. The brand offers two of its leading cocktails in 25cl bottles as well as a new exotic non-alcoholic cocktail preparation in 25cl bottles : Pina colada, Mojita, Manzano

  • 2006

    Caraïbos widen his range of cocktails

    Caraïbos increases its range of cocktails. Launch of 2 fair trade ranges marketed under the Max Havelaar label : a 1L concentrated juice range and a 1L World Cocktail range. In April, a new Aloe Vera non-alcoholic fruit cocktail comes onto the market. In May, the introduction of Crystal (100% white cranberry) reserved exclusively for the Trade market.

  • 2008

    New intense flavors

    Introduction of the 75cl Cocktail Intense range. Cocktails ready to drink with or without alcohol.

  • 2009

    New start for the brand

    Caraïbos is bought out by La Martiniquaise

  • 2012

    A key year

    a landmark year